For those of you that don’t know, April is National Car Care Month. There are actually two months that are recognized for this, with the Fall Car Care Month being in October. The purpose of this month is to remind drivers to service their cars and take care of any issues that may have occurred during the cold winter months.

Steve Hahn Tire Sale Web Ad 300x600 4-19So, the question is, why April? Well as the harsh winters around the nation come to an end, it is very important and a very popular time for drivers to get their cars ready for spring driving, and more importantly, SUMMER ROAD TRIPS!

But what are the most popular and important services to get done on your car? One of the most common services is changing your tires, whether it is taking off your snow tires, or putting all new tires on after they were beat up during the winter. This is an extremely important maintenance step because spring can bring wet, slick roads that can be a nightmare if your car does not have the appropriate tires for the weather.

A few other important car care services to get done are replacing your windshield wipers, and checking the efficiency of your brakes. Your car’s windshield wipers can become very worn down and torn up by the rough weather winter brings, from snow and ice to the salt that covers the roads. Being sure that your windshield wipers are efficient enough during the spring is very important because if they aren’t then you may not have clear enough vision while driving in the awful “spring showers”. Also, during the months of snowy, icy weather, your car’s brakes can take quite a beating from having to slam on your brakes or constantly use them on the dangerous roads. Making sure your brakes haven’t worn down too much is very critical because, although most people don’t realize it, the slick, wet roads that spring time brings can be just as dangerous as the icy roads during winter.

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So remember, before April ends, be sure to bring your car in to your preferred mechanic to ensure that it is all ready for the ever-changing spring weather!

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