Fluid word cloudWell, the short answer is yes.  But, the short answer probably isn’t what you’re after so let me elaborate.  Your car has a lot of moving parts and pieces.  Your car also has a lot of fluids that help those parts and pieces do what they need to do and also ensures that they survive as long as possible. So while you might be asking yourself if you can afford these services, I will go ahead and reassure that you can’t afford not to do them.

Now you might be asking yourself, “Can’t I just top it off?” and my answer will of course be, “Well sure you can”  but let me tell you a little story.  I have two beautiful Persian cats, one of which is seriously picky about her water.  I discovered this because every day I would add water to her dish (keeping it full like a good kitty owner does) but she refused to drink it.  Instead, she would wait patiently in the bathroom until someone turned on a faucet so she could get fresh clean water.  So, I dumped out old water, scrubbed out the dish and put fresh water in. And, wouldn’t’ you know it,  she would finally drink from the bowl (I’m getting the point, just keep reading a little farther).  Now sometimes I just don’t feel like doing all that work so I just “top it off” without actually washing it out.  And, what I’ve noticed is after a few days there is food particles in the water as well as a buildup on the sides of the dish that I have to us soap to get off (are you seeing where I’m going with this yet?) and it is really pretty disgusting.

My point is this, just like that nasty cat water your cars fluids become polluted with debris and buildup and need to be drained every so often (it varies depending on the system) and cleaned with special cleaning solution to get rid of all the nasty crud hiding out within the system and then filled with fresh new fluid.  Topping it off with new fluid just mixes the clean new fluid with the dirty old fluid and does nothing to get rid of the contaminates you’ve got floating around in it.

We are used to changing out a fluid like oil, because we know if we don’t we could seriously damage the engine, rendering our vehicle useless and in need of costly repairs.  But, oil isn’t the only fluid playing a vital part in keeping our cars running.  The antifreeze/coolant for example, keeps all of those moving parts at the right temperature.  Without it, our car would overheat in the summer, and freeze in the winter.  Our brake fluid keeps us safe by ensuring our car can stop when necessary.  So while it may seem like these other fluids are less important they are actually vitally important in keeping our families safe, and our cars in exceptional working order.

Fluid flushes may seem expensive, but the reality is they save you money.  Replacing the radiator fluid is cheaper than replacing the radiator just as replacing your oil is cheaper than replacing your engine.  Flushing your brake lines is cheaper than replacing the whole system etc.  Check your owners manual for their individual recommendations on specific system maintenance or call your preferred mechanic and they can advise you on what to do and when.

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