First of all let me tell you why I call them scams.  When someone has to be deceptive in some way to sell you something, that’s a scam in my book.  And, to be clear, I am referring to third party extended “warranty’s”.  You know the type.  It just feels like a scam from the beginning.  They auto dial and leave you waiting for what feels like forever.  Then, once they get on the phone they proceed to tell you that your warranty is about to expire.  They make it sound like they are from the dealership and are doing you a favor by offering you the chance to extend your warranty.  Don’t fall for it.  We (Steve Hahn’s Volkswagen Kia) will never call you to tell you your warranty is expiring.  We will send a letter with official Steve Hahn letterhead.  If in doubt, call us, (or the dealership you bought the car from) and we’d be happy to go over your warranty details with you.

It may be that your warranty is actually about to expire.  It also may be far from it.  These people want to sell you a warranty and they will us high pressure sales to seal the deal.  The problem with these third party “companies” is that they often fail, leaving their customer without coverage, and out the money they spent for the contract.  These contracts are also not like the contract you buy from the dealer.  The contract you purchase from the dealer usually includes service at the dealership using skilled technicians and factory parts AND in Washington state must be underwritten by an insurance company. Third party agencies are often located out of state.  That means they don’t have to follow the same laws, laws that are in place for your protection.  That’s reason enough to walk away.

These agencies will pressure you and demand personal and financial information.  Don’t give it to them.  I mean, you haven’t even seen the contract yet.  Why would you agree to a contract without reading the contract first?  Does it actually cover anything useful like the transmission or the power steering?  Check out their Better Business Bureau  rating. Google It!.  If customers have had exceedingly bad experiences with the company you’ll see it plastered all over the internet. And last but not least, contact the dealership if you have any questions or are being contacted by these agencies.

If you are on the do not call registry you really shouldn’t be getting these calls at all. To report violators please call 1-888-382-1222

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