Our first ever Trunk or Treat was epic.  We knew it was going to be big but we had no idea it was going to be that big.  We only have one thing to say, Thank you.  Thank you to the vendors and to the people of the Yakima valley for making this event such a huge success.  Thank you to all the staff members who played a part.  It took a lot of planning and a lot of teamwork to make this happen.  From our office manager Terisha Ray; (that’s her in the middle in case you weren’t sure)trunk-or-treat_terisha-ray who basically planned the entire thing, to all of the service guys. Jared Lingle, (below right) big thanks for organizing the haunted house, it was awesome. trunk-or-treat_2016_jared-lingle



So many people donated their time and effort to make this a success because we truly care about the people of the valley.  Kelly West (below) from 94.5 KATS was there to entertain the crowd with her dance moves and great music.

trunk-or-treat_kelly-west Even the television stations came to check it out.  We saw so many great costumes, parents and kids dressed up, it was truly awesome to see so many families together and having a great time.  The costume contest winner might have been the cutest little thing we’ve ever seen. As a matter of fact, she is so cute she gets a bigger picture on the page than anyone else.  Congratulations  Maci, nobody stood a chance against you.maci_trunk-or-treat_2016

We hope to keep this going every year, and every year we will make it a little more awesome than the last.   We hope to see you next year, bring your best costumes and get ready to have the best Halloween ever!  Again, Thank you Yakima.

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