So I should start this by saying I might be a little biased.  I have an SUV.  I also have a family of 8 and really an SUV is my only option (no offense to mini van owners, they just aren’t my thing) and it is so great not to have to worry about not having enough space.  I can fit pretty much anything in the back of my SUV plus 6 kids 2 adults and 2 dogs. Phew, that’s a lot.  Maybe you don’t need quite as much space as I do, a full size SUV is a lot of car.  A mid size SUV would work very well for a family of 5 or 6 with less car to deal with.  Read on for my list of 10 reasons to buy an SUV.

1.) Increased cargo capacity- All the space you need for all the stuff your family uses.  Sports gear, groceries, camping supplies, you name it.

2.) You can tow stuff-How great would it be to buy a Jet Ski or Snowmobile and be able to tow it and all your stuff. It’s really a great opportunity to add family trips and fun to your life.  My kids love going Jet Skiing in the summer.  I can fit the cooler and blankets, towels etc with no problem. It’s great

3.) Better traction-  Most SUV’s come with 4 wheel drive option.  And, while I only use it a few times a year (because it doesn’t always snow here in Yakima) it sure makes all the difference when it’s slick outside.  I feel so much safer knowing I can turn and stop without issue.

4.) Safer than cars- A car is just at a disadvantage here because it’s small in comparison.  This is one of the instances where having a lot of car to protect you is a huge advantage.

5.) Carry more people-  Even if you don’t have enough kiddos to fill every seat in the car, you have room for the kids and their friends.  Let me tell you how great it is to be able to take a bunch of people instead of having to make multiple trips or arrange another driver.

6.) Great for road trips-I know this is almost repetitive but,  we love to go places during the summer and flying anywhere with 6 kids costs a small fortune so we drive.  Having all of the space in the back to keep everything we need saves us tons of time and money.  We can keep a cooler with sandwiches and juice. No more stopping and eating out.

7.) Improved fuel efficiency (no, not as good as a smart car but certainly there are more options for than there used to be for a fuel efficient SUV)- I’m not trying to say that it’s going to compare to a smart car.  You’re going to pay more at the pump and that’s just a reality you’ll have to accept.  For me it’s totally worth it.  There are SUV’s available with the flex fuel option and are less of a gas hog than say a 1996 Suburban.

8.) Higher ride height-  You have a great vantage point.  It’s easy to see everything around you.

9.) Higher resale value-  Top 10 vehicles with the best resale value, ALL trucks or SUV’s.  Top resale value

10.) More cabin space- It’s just roomier in an SUV.  You’ve got leg and head room and it’s just all around more comfortable.

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